Titan Delivery Robots


Titan Delivery Robots

Intelligent Logistics Solution with High-Level Efficiency and Convenience

Our Titan Delivery Robot is the pinnacle of autonomous delivery. With built-in intelligent obstacle avoidance, anti-fall, anti-collision, voice prompt, and autonomous recharging.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be deployed at hotels, parks and gated communities. Or even office buildings.

Chassis for indoor and outdoor use

Titan Delivery’s high-performance chassis is highly capable of autonomous navigation in any environment. Equipped with a precise 3D LIDAR, and an array of sensors for collision and fall avoidance, the Titan deliver chassis guarantees accurate navigation and route planning.

Multi-Mode Interaction

Interact with your customers in multiple ways, Titan Delivery’s natural language processing capabilities allow it to understand human speech to receive commands or questions. The integrated facial recognition technology delivers accurate identification of human features, such as gender and age.

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