Titan Sanitization Robots


Titan Sanitization Robots

Intelligent Logistics Solution with High-Level  Efficiency and Convenience

Terminus Titan Sanitizer Pro Robot is the world’s first robot sanitizer  targeting large-scale public places including office buildings,  airports, hotels and places as such. It is capable of fulfilling  multipoint disinfection tasks in densely-populated indoor space.

Equipped with a pioneered high-mobility chassis, the Sanitizer Pro  Robot is able to achieve seamless sanitization 360° around targets,  minimizing the risk of infection and operation costs.

  • 360° UVC Coverage
  • 12L Capacity
  • 1200mL/h Volume of Spray
  • Disinfection Rate
  • Dual Disinfection
  • High-Performance Chassis
  • High Security Level
  • Traceability
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